5 Mumbai eateries that will prove your love for Mumbai !

The amazing part of visiting other locales is to have a dining experience native to the culture.   Many will spend more on dining than lodging, so we expect to be overwhelmed when we take on a plate of native cuisine.  All factors weigh heavily on the outing so some additional insight and previous trial and error is always appreciated.

The traditional Mumbai food fare come in two distinctive forms of modality.  Mumbai offers the traditional restaurant experience.  Culinary experts provide incredible dishes from extensive menus in a traditional sit down environment.  For the more adventurous, Mumbai provides a large amount of succulent food throughout the many street vendors available to the willing diner.

Eating within the establishment

The top restaurants in Mumbai offer an extensive selection of menu items in a wide range of price points.  Many are under the illusion that fine dining or a terrific restaurant is automatically expensive.  Not the case at all and below is a list of several moderately priced establishments that receive excellent consumer and critic reviews.

Mumbai eateries

Channa Bhatura – Cream Center, Mumbai

  • Uno Bar and Grills – Barbeque, Tandori, Grill, Bar Food.
  • Saltwater Café – European/Continental, Italian.
  • The Elbo Room – Northern Indian, Mughlai.
  • Channa Bhatura – Cream Center.
  • Botticino – Italian.
  • HQ’s – Bar-type Food.
  • Maya – North Indian
  • Busaba – Vietnamese, Burmese, Korean.
  • O22 – Mediterranean, North Indian, Japanese.

Cuisine from the streets

The quality of food is always expected to be great and adds to the overall dining experience.  However, how many true memorable dining experiences can you remember where the food is your fondest memory?  Not many.  What is being alluded to is that ambiance, company, and events all lead up to deeply lasting dining experiences.

Mumbai eateries

Sardar Pav Bhaji Mumbai


For this type of memory, you might want to hit the streets of Mumbai and be amazed by what you will encounter.

An open-air kitchen on wheels where the waiters appear from a cloud of smoke wearing pressed red aprons…it happens.  Have you ever eaten a succulent meal under a ragged purple and green awning with no place to sit…you will.  Ever have a desire to eat fried pastries with a local celebrity…well you might.

You may see, hear, and definitely taste just about everything at any of the establishments listed below.  Grab your comfort shoes and loosen your belt and prepare to be amazed at a truly different side/street dining experience.

Mumbai eateries

Highly sought after streeteries

  • Pav bhaji @ Sadar’s
  • Kebabs @ Sarvi
  • Vada Pav @ Anand
  • Pani puri @ Elco Pani Puri Centre
  • Chicken Tikka Rolls@ Bademiya
  • Bhel Puri @ Sharmajee’s and Badshah’s
  • Kheema Pav @ Olympia Coffee House
  • Crab @ Mahesh Lunch Home
Mumbai eateries

Elco Pani Puri Mumbai

Eating the local flavor through street vendors can get you in touch with the lesser advertised side of Mumbai.  There is no better way to get to know someone than through food.  It is the common element of every culture that never wavers.  Engage a local and discover what they can offer up for your next adventure as you parade through Mumbai.

Concept and research: FashionPristine Core Council, Mumbai Division.