About US

FashionPristine.com is India’s 1st Fashion Forecast Website. We try to predict trends and report them in advance in the form of articles. Pristine is something which is in its original form. Hence we aim at keeping things simple, original and elegant. Just like its name, this blog helps people to look good and retain their original identity at the same time. This blog will have one post fortnightly, which would highlight the latest trends in fashion world, what suits the weather, complexion, occasions, etc…

We have a panel of experts and fashion enthusiasts who would supervise the content on this blog. Readers can check more about core council on the next page of this blog, which is named Council members. Council Members would also strive to answer queries from our blog readers and address them as soon as possible. This works like this:

Suppose a (Girl) reader wants to go for a brunch and is confused what to wear ? What would suit her best for the occasion ? All she needs to do is come on this blog, visit Interactive Page of the blog and tell the issue, any one of the council members would surely address the doubts within 20 minutes.
Interactive session would also have many competitions once a month, so this is the space you should always have your eyes on.

Posts would be supported by images and videos if required, we wish our readers have a great experience on the blog and hope to see you’l again and again.