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Fashion accessories play an extremely vital role in making a good runway; impactful accessories don’t just leave a good picture in the minds of the viewer but also accentuate the overall idea of the garments and runway. This fall 2015 – 2016 runway has seen some of the unusual, distracting yet interesting, jaw dropping and beautiful accessory trends. These trends are not just a support to the runway but also are a creation to be cherished.

‘Berets’, yes berets are back looking even more chic than ever. This fall it is time to take a break from the usual hats and time to embrace the sophistication these berets bring along. They are all soft and woolly and mushy and gooey, a perfect companion for winter time. Where it in black, red, blue or white or with embellishments, berets look cool anyway.

It is a comeback again, this time for super-slim, super-silky ‘neck scarf’. This sleek feminine touch given to our boyish suits have gone from hitting way below the waist or hanging tight at the neck. If a silk sleek scarf does not charm you then ‘fur stoles’ might. The perfect representation of ladylike sophistication are these new fur stoles that give us a sneak peek to what the future holds.

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One of the very exciting Fashion accessories trend for fall 2015 is the big, bold and unapologetic ‘broaches’. Pinned to a blazer or a chick coat or an oversized knit they make simple look stunning and boring look intriguing. If not broaches then earrings might do the trick, not just any earing ‘one-earring’, one big chunky earing. Cast in gold or made out of beads, colourful or brimming with inspiration these earring are worth a try.

Gloves are another great companion not just on the runway but also for enjoying a chilly winter day, thus presenting this fall ‘elbow-length gloves’. The flawless mix of classy and punk, edgy and feminine; these gloves with dramatic length and luxurious leather are anything but ordinary.

Fashion accessories

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