Perfect Look For ladies

For us ‘ladies’ there is always an emergency, always a question – what to wear? Who all is gonna be there? What will suit the occasion? One of the most tedious and important question – will it be too much or too less? For such situations or for such hour of need the best and neatest answer is – ‘pink’. From fuchsia to rose, pink has an answer to whatever your day throws at you.

Perfect look for ladies

Pink covers all the events of a lady, let it be either office work or just running home errands or just spending a good time with family or friends, the colour pink can be worn everywhere. It is a ‘not to think’ colour, neither too loud not too subtle, just perfectly balanced. It helps you to blend in, look all soft and subtle and let’s not forget, makes you look feminine, pink is after all associated with female – ‘the feminine colour’.

A lunch event at home and don’t have time to think – put on a knee length light pink printed shift dress with pink loafers. The dress and loafers make movement easy and running around easier whereas pink makes you look pleasant and easy on the eye – perfect hostess. Want to get ready for a kitty-party, put on a bright pink flared dress with matching hat and gloves (if you like gloves) with pumps or stilettos. Sweet, subtle, friendly and sexy, what better way to enjoy with friends.

Who said pink cannot be powerful? Who said Perfect look for ladies do not exist ?Pink can also successfully be used to cover office events. Let it be a board meeting or post-work drinks, a pant suit in pink or a pink pussybow blouse with trousers not only portrays power, but power with a feminine touch, also reminding everyone of ‘female power’, female energy and the need and requirement of female presence at every place.

Even when at a casual outing, either for workout, coffee or tea tasting, pink colour will gel perfectly to the hour of need. Pink always compliments the female body, female aura and female personality. Thus, completely proving my point of pink being an ‘all timer’; providing us ladies with an all time solution.

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Riya Moitra