Just like ‘boom’ there is ‘bag – a – boom’, and a difference is made. Yes the big boom with bags this season might just change the way our bag collection is running, or even the way we accessorise with our bags. I know they are just ‘bags’, but, till the time styling is concerned our bags are our best friends – isn’t it ladies?

The notorious yet completely convenient bag silhouette is elevated this season, yes I am talking about the ‘bucket bag’. The bucket or pouch like shape gives a very cosy space inside to just dump a lot of our stuffs. And the bottled neck gives a sleek look and feel. This bag can almost go with anything.

What can be more appealing than a little skin show, don’t take it the other way, the use of ‘viper skin impression’ can definitely be seen. Either as leather or as print, the viper effect is sizzling down the bag section. No matter what bag you take, a hint of the viper effect and honey, the game is on.



If you are not touchy enough, then the next bag will surely make you, I am talking about the ‘fur bags’. Accompanying this seasons fur trend, there is a lot of use of fur on bags as well. The look these bags give is full of sophistication, and the feel is that of a soft toy, just cannot get enough. The furrier the merrier.

Do not get carried away the rebel is yet to come, the ‘rebel bag’. Comprising of black leather and metal accomplice the rebel bags walk a dark path. Contrasting to these rebel bags are ultra-feminine bags ‘pretty pink bags’. The pink revolution is also walking the path parallel to the rebel bags. Black or pink the choice is yours but they both sure have grabbed attention.

So ladies, we have been provided by the bag trends of the season, now pairing them right and carrying them right is our job cause we know it better than anyone how bags play a vital role in presenting not just our style but also our personality.



Riya Moitra