Yes, we all have seen the blooming of bohemian influence on the fashion arena in the past few seasons; at last the ‘free spirit’ is at its full bloom, with all its fragrance, colours, beauty and glamour. Complimented with this season’s floral prints, embroidery, fringe and feathers the boho charm sparkles in limelight.



Just like a bouquet boho comes in varied moods and colours. ‘Pretty boho’ is one of the moods that sway’s away in the arms of lacy embrace and flowing silhouettes. With the purity of lady touch and blush tones and with the grace of pastel shade, pretty boho commandeer all softness, beauty, grace and flounce.

Opposing the mood of pretty is ‘dark bohemian’, set to the mood of mystery and seductive sheers, dark boho has an aura of supreme strength. While ditching all the tribal jewellery and sticking to one pieces, accompanied with accessories like a pair of leather ankle boots or minimalist slip-ons, that balances the flowing silhouettes with power and dark traits.


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‘Indigo boho’ is another mood presented by the bohemian bloom. The classic colour of indigo takes a folk turn, accompanied with the warm hues of sunshine, like yellow and orange. Embroideries and embellishments brighten the mood and put forth a fun loving persona. Adding to this fun indigo is the denim factor, making the mood even more amusing.

Last but not the least presenting ‘military boho’. Toughened up mood and toughened up look, this part of boho bloom is all about the khaki code. Starting from man style appearances and sturdy accessories, it is wholly rough and tough. Reducing the flowery influence and banging in the leather and metals, military boho commands respect.

Adding to all the above with shades of black and brown accessories, will give the tribal patterns a sophisticated look. This bloom is a wonder of its own that needs to be explored. While keeping all its personality, this bohemian bloom will offer you a sense of satisfaction and peace.



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Riya Moitra