One of the most glittering, glowing, shining, sparkling glamorous look or should we say trend is the glitter of embellishments on our runway collections. These glamorously glittering embellishments have walked down the runway of fall / winter 2015-2016, and have been eye catching to the viewer. It is quite visible that embellishments have made a mark for themselves in this runway collection, it can easily be said that these high voltage glitz are here to stay.



When we say embellishments the colours that pop in our head are mostly the classics gold and silver, but besides these classics there are also other sparkles that have not just triggered the interests but also have shown us a promising future in the world of embellishments. Red, brown, black, orange are some of the exciting colours that accompany the classics in making this glamorously glittering notion more attractive and pleasing to the eye. To make things more interesting and intriguing, our designers bring patterned and motif oriented designs, to cut the boring single coloured sparkle view to a patterned kind of printed embellishments that break the classic idea of a single coloured plain glitter garment.


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If full body or overall sparkle is too much for your taste or too much too handle, there are various ways to wear these beautifully dazzling embellishments. With this trend, less is definitely more. If the shine is restricted to one piece or one garment only, and this shiny one piece garment can be balanced by pairing with soft knits, matt suede or basic denim. These shining glamorous sequences can be made age appropriate by pairing them with sophisticated separates like a tailored blazer.

This sparkle and dazzle have a beauty of their own; they cannot be compared to any other trend or look. With their evolution in colours, designs and patterns they have become even more attractive and at a greater demand than earlier. You can love these glitters or you can hate these glitters but you definitely cannot ignore these glamorous embellishments.


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Riya Moitra