Graphic Eye Liners


‘Eyes are the window to our soul’; a very famous quote and never the less, extremely true. Our eyes cannot lie, they mimic our heart and expose our soul, and they always remain true to our feelings and our desires. Our eyes tell our story and bring forth our true nature and charisma. The charm that lies in a person’s eye cannot be imitated or duplicated; it can only be nurtured and magnified. Thus, making eye make-up one of the most important art in the beauty industry, if the eye is personified right, then a person can pull off almost anything.

The life in our eyes make us shine, the magic is to be able to beautify that life so much so that no one is able keep their eye off, and their heart is stolen at first sight. Our make-up artists of this elaborate industry of beauty make this magic happen. Highlighting our eyes in different ways and using various methods to describe this beautiful creation of God. Making it simple or making it dramatic, our eye glow.

Graphic Eye Liners

Keeping the present fall 2015-2016 in mind, the various artistic ways used right now to create a platform for our soul that are mostly dramatic. Starting from graphic eye liners; use of liners and Kohl pencils to make graphic designs around the eye, either simple and steady out of the line designs or exaggerated designs and patterns that command attention and display strength and daring nature. Apart from the liners, eye shadows are also used by our artists to define our eyes, use of bronze and metallic eye shadows have increased creating a storyline of texture and enigma. Apart from these all, a classic still stands holding its position as glamour and sexy, the ‘smoky eye’ effect. Our artists might be trying new techniques and designs to illustrate our soulful eyes, but have not forgotten the old and exciting.

Graphic Eye liners

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Riya Moitra