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Juhi Speaks with Fashion Pristine

With enviable grace that she adds to her unique sense of style, her striking smile and amicable nature sure makes her one of the most loved actresses of Bollywood. Juhi Chawla does understated fashion like none, effortlessly chic in casual to couture. Know more of the bubbly, beautiful and down-to-earth Juhi’s fashion and lifestyle mantra’s. Read on…

Juhi chawla styling tips

How has your sense of style evolved over time? What are your wardrobe classics?

Style for me comes with time and experience. It’s something you develop over time. It’s effortlessly you and it’s a reflection of who you are and it stays with you through out so it’s essentially timeless.  I like my t-shirts and leggings at home and Indo western or churidaars for formal functions. I like wearing western outfits but only if they are well cut.


. Styling tips by Juhi Chawla


What do you prefer more-    Heals or Flats?

Actually, it is always a tussle. I would love to be comfortable in flats but I wear heels a lot more.

What do you prefer more-  Stilettos or Platforms?

Platforms, platforms and platforms!

Are you fond of dresses or trousers?

Oops, little tubby legs so I will stay with trousers I’d say!

Which would you consider your hero items of your wardrobe?

My MJ T-shirts, my day to day t-shirts and slacks for sure!

Do you have any style influences?

I think I adore classics and nice cuts or pretty work. The attires elegant if these small things are well in place.


Juhi Chawla with Fashion Pristine


What do you prefer- Accessorized or Minimized?

I appreciate accessories when somebody puts them together for me. I have no time to put it together for myself.

What do you prefer in jewellery (costume or precious)?

I definitely prefer  precious jewellery. Nothing to beat the beauty of real precious pieces!

Are you a sari or gown person? I am actually a churidaar person, more than a gown or sari.

Have you had any fashion blunders ever?

In my films, Yes! But I am not letting it out.


Juhi chawla speaks

Your work wardrobe would include what all?

I have no work wardrobe at all. Who would be your favorite designers?

I like Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Sabyasachi, Munisha Jay Singh and Cherie D.

What would you consider as your current obsession?

I think has to be music. I am very fond of Indian classical music.

Your five minutes to being fabulous would be…?

Cleanse your face first, moisturize, put on mascara, finishing powder, lip gloss, dust a hint of blush and smile a lot. And you are ready to take on the world!

Once home you change into?

I change into my t-shirt and slacks.

Your hair-care routine comprises of? Believe it or not I oil my hair regularly


. IMG_0049


Your favourite shades and brands in make-up would be?

Most often, I use MAC because they are more professional but be careful lot of their shades are not for Indian skin tone its more for the west. A lot of brands are like that, so one must have expert advice before picking up products for the face. Another brand is Bobbi Brown which is more for yellow skin types, so they have variety of colored products. I love the quality of Chanel products they are really awesome.

What is true beauty according to you?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is true, as what you see outside of yourself is a reflection of who you are, which is true beauty according to me.

What are your health secrets?

When I wake up first thing in the morning I drink plenty of water. I eat in moderation, and avoid fried food. I love doing yoga, meditation and indulge in swimming as well.

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