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Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan not only invites controversies and gossip, but also a season of fashion embellishments and trend spotting. The infamous couch full of confessions has also been graced by some fine styling. 2014’s Season 4 saw the light of some beautiful ladies ready to dive rather embrace the upcoming season of heat and how to work ‘em. Let’s see –

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The rather full-of-gossip anticipated episode of the new best friends in B-town – Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, went tasteless or should I say ‘gossip-less’ this season, when both the ladies were seen achieving epitome of diplomacy. Whether the episode was juicy or not in terms of controversies, it definitely scored remarkable points on the style meter. Both the leading actresses were seen rejuvenating the pull-back-hair trend much suitable for summers, when Priyanka went the sleek way and Deepika chose to go the messy and chic route.

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Now this is the easiest trick of styling for any girl with medium length hair. Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan mastered the side-swept look with loose curls. Not only is the former compared to the latter in terms of acting or career graph, but is also seen doing the same fashion tricks. Now let’s give her the benefit of doubt here!

Side-swept hair is easy and takes minimal effort. It is summer-perfect and can be styled by working clips on the other side of the hair.

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Even though she must have lost out on her recent films, she sure has gained a lot on the styling front. Sonakshi Sinha chose to go all oxblood in her recent appearance on the ‘koffee show’. Two tones of this blissful colour were seen blending in very well with the statement gold belt. The slit looked perfect and the dress accentuating her curves appropriately. The overtly raging earcuffs didn’t go unnoticed. The side-swept hair made the earcuff appear as an individualistic element of the outfit. Now there is a trick!

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Next up on the summer embracing spree was Anushka Sharma with her effortless5 (16) make-up. She almost went nude on her face barring her lips that were shown off with a pink pastel tinge. The make-up went perfectly blending with her yellow ensemble and she looked absolutely approachable for summer styling.

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If you were disappointed with the India vs Pakistan match, these two ladies surely did manage to save the day on Koffee with Karan! Cladded in the man colours – blue and black, Freida Pinto and Nargis Fakhri looked stunning in their respective designer outfits. Now even if the show demanded to be aired at a later slot because of the naughty talks, the girls looked categorically ready to work it. Freida in her waist-cuts and Nargis in her transparent slips gave the episode twice as many views than anticipated!

Pull up your socks (well, not literally – because it’s freakishly sunny) and stay updated with these fashion ladies, because summer is ready to walk in with its high standards and modish trends!

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