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Hola ladies! Being a lady I know completely well how important fashion is, being up to date with fashion and its trends, latest styles, cosmetics, brands, accessories, hair, looks…and all that. To keep a tab on all sometimes becomes a bit of a headache, especially when you know that all new stuff is in the market, and you have to go over them all to keep knowledge of them. It’s not easy being a lady. So, from a lady to a lady, I am describing briefly (in the best way I can) the hottest trends going on right now.

Bling is back, yes ‘bling’; let it be on our jewellery or our accessories or as a matter of fact on our clothes, bling of embellishments and stones and sequences have lighted up the sparkle fest.

If you are into plaids then this is the time ladies, plaids have taken a very important spot in the present trend spotlight. Wearing plaids from head to toe is no more a shock, plaid merging and pairing (if done in a fashionable way) is on, starting right from the runways to the streets.


Since winter is going on, hot has also become classy and chick, what I mean is ‘fur’. Fur has taken a leap from just being coats to bags, shoes, flip-flops, stoles and even headgears. So much so that you just cannot get enough.

Making its way through all the obstacles is the ultra-feminine lady, the ‘Victorian’ mood. Romantic, sexy and pleasing, this Victorian mood has given us the high collars, ruffles, and lace along with puffed sleeves and chiffon support making it the most ultimate romantic appearance.

Other small hot trends are the high waists, let it be for pants, skirts or even jumpers; the one shoulders, let it be separate prints or patterns or single sleeve; the happy hem, flouncy, fluffy and flirty. The hot and burning is up and in front of you ladies, so gear up and fashion ready or to say ‘trend ready’.

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Riya Moitra