Dressing tips for Valentine’s day

The month of adorable gifts, special dates, cuddly hugs, sweet kisses, amazing memories and of course a lot of LOVE!
And what better than the color RED can associate with this day?
Let’s accept it that we totally love the month February; whether you are committed or you’re single, doesn’t matter. The whole aura of Valentine’s Day gives us all a warm vibe.
Barely any time left for Valentine’s Day shopping? Do not worry, we’re here! We bring you Dressing Tips for Valentine’s Day!

If you are going out for a royal, plush date – you could opt for:

Gowns: It is very important to select a cut and silhouette you are most comfortable in. It’s almost faux pas if you wear a tube or an off shoulder dress and you fail to carry it off. The idea should be to look hot yet subtle. Plunging necklines, high slits, skimpy outfits better be kept at bay. You not only want to look the best but also present your best today, don’t you?
1. You may opt for a figure hugging dress as it will accentuate your sexy assets.
2. If you are on the heavier side, fit and flare is your way to a hot look.
3. Red gown is not a must! Play with various solid colours, or maybe just an LBD (but accessorized in an interesting way)

Dressing tips for Valentine's Day

If you are heading for a first date or a date with your crush –
1. Avoid dresses. Skirts definitely are a better option. They’re flirty, girly and certainly pretty. A knee length or a long skirt can take you miles.
2. Ankle length fitted pants, denims with nice zip detailing look chic and is trendy!
3. To play with your feminine side, try tops with hues of red.

Dressing tips for Valentine's Day

No date?  Women sure know how to have fun with their lovely girls!
It’s a day out with your regular friends but certainly not a regular day. You have every right to doll-up.
1. Wear an elegant flowy top with jeggings/denims, wedge heels and a clutch.

2. Wear a cool loose top/hood or a jumper with distressed denims and sneakers.
(Pick whatever pleases you)

Dressing tips for Valentine's Day

Hair and Make Up –
1. Red statement lips!
(Let him drool over those sexy lips)
If your complexion is fair, you may opt for a warm undertone lip color. For those who are wheatish or tanned, choose a lip colour with blue undertone.
2. Kohl is a must! If it’s a dinner date, mascara will work the best for your eyes.

3. Well manicured nails are always a turn on. (Yes, men do observe much more than we really think)
4. Smell heavenly! (Let your guy scream for more)
5. Let your hair down. Open hair gives away a sense of freedom and fun.

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