Men Style Guide: 11 Fashion Essentials

1. Glares

Pick up a pair of sunnies this summer from a wide variety. They protect your eyes from the harmful rays and never go out of style!

2. Headgear
Choose from hats, bandanas and caps. Pick a hat for a suave look, a bandana for casual beachy look and a baseball cap for a sporty look. They protect your hair from sun damage while sprucing up your outfit.
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3. Watch
It’s a timeless piece. Figuratively. Invest in a watch. It never goes out of style. It’s a classic. Literally. Experiment with sizes and colours. Buy a waterproof one as the wrists can often get sweaty.


4. Slippers and Sandals

The most basic and useful essential. You need them to walk as it is so why not make it a fashion statement? Try bright colours available in the market and turn your slippers into statement pieces. However, it’s advisable to clip and clean your nails before making a statement.

5. Half Pants
Opt from shorts, capris or quirky boxers this season. Team up your shorts with a shirt for a semi-casual look or pair it up with a t-shirt for the boy next door look. However, if you have thick hair growth, make sure you trim it a little.

6 .Basic White T-shirt
It’s an essential for every mans wardrobe. This is the only garment you can wear everyday and still present different looks. A basic white t-shirt can be worn with a scarf, a bold cotton jacket, bright slippers and many other things. All you have to do is accessorize it.
7. Body odour is a big turn off for men. So get yourself a good fragrance this summer. Make sure not to bathe yourself in the scent. It’s a big ‘No-No’. Keep it subtle.

8. Linen Blazer
Ditch those warm blazers this season. Get yourself a linen blazer. They work well for the look while letting you breathe. Opt for neutral colours for office wear and choose from bright colours for other casual events such as dates, brunches and family get-togethers.

9. Bow-Ties
Bow ties are in this season. Experiment with different patterns and colours. Team it up with a shirt and shorts for a trendy and casual look.

10. Glasses
Glasses can be a fun accessory for men. This summer, go for different colours and frames with different outfits to add life to your outfit. Opt from big frames, cat-eyes, rectangular or even round glasses.

11. Washed Denim Jacket
Pick one with a thin fabric. It’s stylish, can be teamed with almost anything and protects you against tanning from the sun. Mix and match with funky loafers to add some colour.