5 ideas to pack light

May it be a two day trip or a twenty, everyone has at some point in their life faced the dreaded ‘Over weight’ bags which would have eventually led you to getting annoyed and removing the “not important” things frantically. Well, then why pack them in the first place?

5 ideas to pack light


  1. Make a checklist
    Weather, Days and Reason (work or pleasure) for the trip. These three should come in the top priority of your checklist. Write down what how your trip is planned for each day. Keep just an extra pair of clothes and under garments in case of any emergency.5 ideas to pack light2.   Less is moreTry to mix and match. Bottoms usually work longer than tops. Keep a range of tops to wear with two or three bottoms. Don’t try to be over enthusiastic with style. It’s safe to take what you are most comfortable in. Get on to making clusters!
 5 ideas to pack light

Clothes sitting in the closet since months, with tags on, are a bad idea. If you want lots of accessories to go with all you outfits, make sure they are mostly delicate. Instead of a chunky belt, pack a thin one and wear the chunky one while traveling.

  1.  Two denims and three pairs of shoes.
    From casual tops to evening blouses, all work on denims. So two pairs of it are good enough unless you have a very long trip you can pack more bottom wear like jeggings, skirts and shorts. Three pairs of shoes? Yes, that sounds impossible , but it really is not. Wear a comfy pair like sneakers while travelling and pack the other two, where one could be a pair of heels and one a pair of elegant flats that go with everything, possibly in shades of nude.
  2.  One or maybe two jacketsWith the winters kicking in, we probably would get over enthusiastic about the lovely winter wear we have hanging in our closet. But really, you just need one coat. If you still want to push it for may be a change of color, then two. Jackets can really increase the weight of the luggage. So try to be smart. Go with one jacket in your hand and a lightweight knit cardigan in the bag.5 ideas to pack light
  3.  Lay it allRight when you are decided with all the things you want to take, don’t chuck it all in the bag. Lay it all on the floor or on your bed and take out your checklist and start ticking! Remove all the unnecessary items. Specially clothes you have a second thought about. You will never wear them. Laying it all out will give you a clearer idea about what ensemble to wear and whether you need all of it or not.5 ideas to pack light


Article written by: Shirali S

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