romantic red lips

‘Romance is in the air’. The hottest new colour of the season creating a whole new contender for the evergreen colour black is ‘red’ – ‘hot red’. Both runway and street wear has seen an evolution in the acceptance and use of this colour. So much so that this season red is all over and is a trend in itself, for runway as well as street wear.


Super red lips have been hot for few seasons now, even during last spring / summer this hot red fuller lips were completely accepted and applied by women in every corner of the globe. It might have taken some time to break a few myths, but now red lips have come to its full beauty. For every skin tone there is a shade of red for every personality there is a shade of red, for every attitude there is a shade of red. There is no one who can say that red doesn’t suit them, they just have to find the right shade of red. For fair skin tones shades such as coral, peach and rose-red are recommended. For dusky complexion shades such as deep red, burgundy, brick red will work. And for medium or golden skin tones, pink red, fire red and cool red are recommended shades.


Lips are not the only strata struck by red’s glamour. Our clothes have also been equally effected. Complete red pant suit has been accepted by street wear trend, accompanied by red shoes and red handbag. Lets not forget the runway where we have witnessed the walk of red capes with high red boots and also red jackets and dresses with red headgears, gloves and other accessories.

Red is seen not just as a single colour but also in prints, printed red dresses and tops have also been walking down the runway this season. All in all red is fully functional and at its best. There is no calamity that can pull the red colour down from limelight. This season the ‘it’ colour is ‘red’ and it just has to be in our wardrobes and cosmetics, or else we have a soulless collection.


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Riya Moitra