‘Enhancing’- a very powerful and significant word in the fashion industry. We see a lot of stand-alone pieces on the runway, on the streets, on the red carpet and other places; almost like everywhere. These stand alones might be strong and attention seekers, but they still need an enhancer (or we can also call a supporter), enhancers that magnify the stand alones beauty and charm without making itself prominent. One of the best examples that can be given for a silent enhancer is ‘scarves’.


Scarves are a very old instrument of our history; let it be the ancient romans who used scarves for whipping sweat in summers and keeping warm during winters; or even the Chinese who used scarves as an instrument of ranking. Scarves have remained in motion or in use in one or the other way. Scarves gained a fashion identity only in the early 19th century for both men and women. But by the middle of the 20th century it became a very versatile clothing accessory and also very essential. In present time, scarves might not be essential but are surely still versatile.


Scarves, as mentioned before, are amazingly good enhancers. For example, if you put on a pant suit to portray a powerful, strong and independent woman, a sleek, long silk scarf on the neck enhances or emphasises on the ‘woman’ or feminine part of the statement. On the contrary wearing a big square scarf with a girl or female describing dress enhances the strength emitted by the wearer and personifies the female power or domination side of the statement.

To make elaborate statements, the use of fur scarves have also been seen. Explosively amplifying class and elegance and enhancing the overall strength of the clothing or design. Broad knit scarves are also another widely used scarf during winters, both to keep warm from the chilling winter and also to add or to enhance the winter coats or knit sweaters. Thus, easily concluding that scarves are a wonderful creations that enhance not just our clothing but also our personality.


Riya Moitra