Striped Nails

Stripes Styling

This month as all of you’ll must have noticed we are focusing a lot on STRIPES, so why leave our nails behind? Striped nails are also catching up with the trend and our spotted on every girls wish list. While some manage to add striped to thier nails, some fail and make thier nails look like a total disaster. Today I am going to show the easiest way of striping your nails. So get ready for our this week’s DIY

Things you will need: Two shades of nail paints preferably contradictory colours (I am using pastel orange and white), very fine and thin strips of tape and a pair of scissors.


Step 1: Apply the base coat of nail paint on your nails (I used white colour as my base coat)

Step 2: Let your nails dry completely.

Step 3: Once your nails are dried cut really fine and thin strips of tape. (Refer the thinness of the tape by looking at the picture) If you don’t want the stripes to be very thin, you can cut broader strips of tape.

Step 4: Put this strips of tape on your nails and the strips should maintain uniform distance from each other.

Step 5: Once the strips of tape are stuck perfectly on your nails, apply the second colour of nail paint on your nails (I have used pastel orange).

Step 6: Wait for at least 10 to 15 mins for your nails to completely dry out. Once they are dried remove the strips by pulling the ends of the tape.

Voila ! Here are your awesome striped nails.

Tip: For a finishing touch, you can always put transparent nail paint once you are done with your striped nail art work, by doing this your the nail paint will last longer and your nails will also have a shine. Have fun this week with your stripped nails