Accessorize Pop

With summer come pop colors!

Enough of blacks and whites and grays and browns, the season of colors is upon us and it is time to accessorize vividly! Take that pink shade of lip color, the statement red clutch or yellow pair of heels out that you have been reluctant to wear or use. If you choose to go safe on the clothes, don’t even dare play safe when accessorizing it. Take the forefront and go crazy, because style is just a matter of instinct. Don’t see if it is a flashy blue bag that someone gifted to you and you swore on not carrying it ever, or a bright orange nail paint that you got as a present in a family function; if it looks good on you – it is the best choice for you!

Going with the bread and butter of style – Street fashion, we recently proved what colors could do to a mundane outfit.

1 (26)

2 (23)

That one bag can add life to your outfit, or that lip shade or sequined pair of ballerinas. Nothing acts as a staple or taboo in this season – everything is allowed!

3 (24)

Don’t think too much and take out that pair of sunglasses that you always thought were TOO MUCH – take the leap, nothing in fashion is too much.

4 (23)

5 (15)

Embrace the weather outside because you anyways have very little choice. More importantly, let the vivid choice in bags be your best-friend this season.

6 (10)

Take this colorful leap, because trust us it is the best chance you’ve got!


An exclusive production of Fashion Pristine. 

Project Credits:

Co-Producer: Neelu Jyoti //Model: Priyanka Purohit

Styling: Kirti Kabra & Swecha Sharma // Article: Kirti Kabra

Photography: Swecha Sharma & Khushboo Chhabria

Production: Jimit Shah, Sagar Mehta & Pratik Modi