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Bag: A flexible container with an opening at the top, used for carrying things – This were true only if we weren’t staying in the 21st century.

In the present day and age, bags have got nothing to do with how much one can carry in them – as long as they are mobile and trendy. Nevertheless, to cope with such a situation, we present to you a variety of bags that are highly rescuing and match up to the current generation’s taste.

TISORA – Started by Sayli Chaudhari, is a brand of designer bags based out of Mumbai. TISORA inspired by the words ‘beautiful sky’ believes in incorporating style, elegance and versatility in each of their designs.

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From clutches to slings to even shoulder bags, TISORA has everything to offer through their collection which can be simply used to carry to work, college, brunch dates, clubbing or just a day out with friends!


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The classic clutch is brought to you with a tinge of pop. The royal colours go perfectly with the season’s favorite – gold! This part of the collection makes a perfect carry-along for clubbing/evening parties or in some cases particularly for dates.


Smartly designed, these slings are very easy to carry to any family outing, brunch date, a day out with friends or even to special days in college. This collection is highly multi-functional and serves great purposes when it comes to taking decisions like what-should-I-carry-today!

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TISORA’s carry-all bags have been precisely designed to be carried for any occasion. If you are confident of carrying a shoulder bag for an evening party, then you should definitely go for the gold hinted ones. Else, the cute and sober bow and heart designs have been crafted for the teenagers. This collection of shoulder bags go very well with the students as it comes in common shades like brown and black which go with almost every outfit (even with those few who like to experiment with colours).

Take a leap into the world of customized bags that you would love to flaunt. TISORA offers you a varied range of designer bags that are sober, crisp, affordable and absolutely chic!

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