Vinegar – Brand Review

Vinegar is a high fashion brand for women. The designs and styles are imaginative, truly inspired and arguably radical. They create distinct, memorable fashion statements that go against all conventional and orthodox norms of fashion design. The Vinegar Clothing is made-up of color and vibrancy and is embellished with a bit of ‘the edge’ and ‘the out-there’ taking direct inspiration from the free-spirited, fearless nature a woman essentially needs to have. At the end of it all, the madness is controlled, the rebellion is beautiful and the irreverence is aided by the choicest aesthetic sensibilities, making ‘our works of art’ extremely wearable, classy and elegant yet at the same time, rather surprising.

Vinegar - Brand Review

Vinegar originates from the streets of Barcelona, Spain and is an acclamation of its color, people, spirit and its sun.  They give you quirky patterns, bright colors, light-hearted designs and luxe-for-less which make it hard for you to leave our territory empty-handed. Vinegar isn’t only about gazing at the detail of a stitch under a magnifying glass and indulgently gloating about its exactness. For them, the whole is the detail. And the whole of what you wear should talk; even yell sometimes and let it out. They are not about creating what exists because we’re bloody wow at crafting what could. Vinegar endows specialty in every creation and is hand-cut in the purest room of imagination. The world desires more high-fashion brands of which the specialty is a tinge of craziness, unconventionality, imagination and maybe even the occasional oddness. After all, crazy is a woman.


We bring our Favorite picks from their vibrant collection

1) Electric Blue Jumpsuit

Vinegar - Brand Review

2) Crop it up

Vinegar - Brand Review


3) PRINTS, they are definitely in!

Vinegar - Brand Review


4) Perfect for dinner date

Vinegar - Brand Review


5) Who says being classy can be boring?

Vinegar - Brand Review


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