Stripes are one of the most commonly used prints or weaves, they may or may not be in fashion but they never totally disappear. They always exist in one or the other form. Stripes are a never ending phenomenon, they are always accepted. Stripes can be found in one or the other form in everyone’s wardrobe. But as common as they are, stripes are actually quite tough to pair with; too much will be weird and too little won’t stand out. Hence we bring to you different ways to use stripes.

The most common way that stripes are used is on the torso, mostly horizontally. These stripes can be slim or broad or in different colours, but wearing them according to our body is our decision. Skinny stripes can elongate your figure and make you look skinnier. A tightly stripped blouse looks amazing with a pair of tight pants and hells. It makes the figure look ravishing. Stripped t-shirts are another commonly used streetwear, pairing a classic black and white shirt with a pair of light blue denim in a classic that looks good every time.

ways to use stripes

Bold vertical stripes are another very big trend that has come into being, let it be on a full dress or on a trouser or jacket, let it be colorful or the classic black and white, they are always going to catch your eye no matter where you are. Stripes can also be worn by combining different types of stripes together, like horizontal and diagonal strip; or diagonal, wavy and vertical stripes etc. these stripes cut the monotony of one another and create a new and interesting pattern.

Ways to use stripes

Different ways to use stripes doesn’t mean stripes all over, just a part of a garment with stripes also demand attention and is fun to wear; stripes just around the neckline or colourful stripes on the sleeves work wonders. Accessories such as big striped bags or stripped scarfs paired with plain or single coloured garments make the whole package look stunning and demand compliments. Again just having stripes on a part of an accessory (like handle of a purse) also give a very exciting visual effect.

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Riya Moitra